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Crypto Scam Assessments, Reports & AFCA Paid Consumer Advocacy

Crypto Scam Assessments & AFCA Paid Consumer Advocacy

Sophie has 20+ years experience in traditional banking and finance. Her expertise spans personal, business and property credit analysis, accounts management, special projects management, change management, acquisition implementation, joint ventures, and commercial debt recovery.

This background equips Sophie with the essential skills necessary to undertake appropriate crypto-related investment programme (CRIP) deep-dive analysis, to define whether / how a crypto scam has taken place, and to develop strategies for recovery, as far as practicable.

Sophie’s skills in due diligence, crypto fundamental analysis, financial analysis, strategic planning, debt recovery, and lateral problem-solving provide a solid approach to crypto scam assessments and potential recovery. Her comprehensive approach ensures precise and insightful evaluation of CRIPs, enabling effective identification and remediation of any fraudulent activities.

Sophie can provide clients with:

● A Deep Dive Analysis & Report – that shows evidence on the true nature of the CRIP

● Proof of Capital Loss Report or a Customised Loss Report (PCLR)– reports can be customised to clients needs, to be used by a client’s tax accountant to support any tax losses,  or to be used in any complaints / legal action scenario.

● A Statement of Investment Position (SOIP) – to be issued against the operator of the CRIP to get verification of the investment funds held in custody

● Conversations with your investment agent / broker to troubleshoot the issues with the CRIP.

Note: If necessary, *Sophie refers clients to the OBR cyber security specialist in the event that security breaches / exploits are involved, where it is suspected that hackers have stolen a client’s passwords to drain their funds from digital wallets or centralised crypto exchanges. 

The security specialist will investigate and provide a security audit statement that will be incorporated into the PCLR.

AFCA Paid Consumer Advocate

As an Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) paid consumer advocate, I play a vital role in representing the interests of consumer clients in the financial services sector, via the AFCA complaints process. I advocate for fair and timely resolution of disputes between a consumer and a participating Australian financial firm, ensuring that consumer rights are protected, that due compensation is made, and that financial services industry standards are upheld.

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