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At Orange Brick Road we support businesses of any caliber. Some of the below businesses will accept Crypto as a form of payment. All are highly skilled professionals that support inclusivity and freedom in an ever changing world.

Business, Lifestyle and Wellness Professionals

Jo Smartt

Jo Smartt


health and wellness consultant

I have a solid scientific background (Env. Science, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine) and a strong interest in functional medicine using evidence-based research as well as traditional herbal medicine to help patients achieve health and wellness. Being a practitioner of ‘alternative’ medicine, I’m naturally excited about crypto and the idea of decentralised finance. (Anything that goes against the traditional fibre and drives new industries and alternative technologies or “thinking outside the box” is super positive!) 

My aim is for you to understand what drives your health and wellness. I love inspiring people to restore balance in their lives in a fast-paced, chaotic and stressed world by understanding that healing is more than changing only one aspect of your life. Ultimately, healing and transformation come from experiencing that mind, body and spirit are all divinely connected and one is not more important than the other.

I also have experience working in a pharmacy clinic setting, in paediatric nutrition and consulting with families. I create personalised meal plans, investigate food allergies and have a strong knowledge of botanical medicine. I can help identify the cause of your illness and guide you on your health and wellness journey by listening and offering practical solutions.


Claire Marriott

Claire Marroitt



I’m a Relationship Specialist, Family Counsellor and Mindset Coach. I help couples and families improve relationships, resolve issues, and upgrade their communication styles, including how to master emotions, de-escalate conflict and communicate clearly to resolve issues. I’m passionate about supporting, empowering and upskilling people so they can heal, feel energised, and become aware of their inner strengths.

I worked for four years as a counsellor & facilitator within the Association of Educational Counsellors & Relationship Educators of WA. Also, within the Resource Centre For Personal Development.

My philosophy is to create programs and structures that allow anyone to understand relationships easily, to give practical and straightforward strategies that, when practised and mastered, enable people to have the fulfilling relationships they desire. I’m dedicated to facilitating Emotional Intelligence programs that help people learn mind management tools.


Alexis Steyn

Alexis Steyn



I was drawn to art from an early age and often favoured colouring-in pencils and paints to other toys. I was always encouraged to develop my creativity and skills, so my passion for art continued to grow throughout primary and high school and later at university, where I studied Graphic Design and Illustration.

After receiving a BA in Graphic Design and working as a full-time graphic designer for a few years, I decided to follow my true passion and start my own art business to bring more light and beauty into the world. I find inspiration in mystical subject matters, the Divine Feminine, nature and the unseen worlds. Combining these themes and a vibrant colour palette creates a beautiful atmosphere that invites the viewer to transcend other realms of possibilities.

I spend most of my time developing a unique style to create pieces that invite the viewer to explore beauty in its many forms, often evoking deep emotion. My artworks are layered with symbolism and explore humanity’s fascination with nature, mythology and the cosmos. As we delve deeper into the universe’s heart, more questions remain with possibilities for discoveries yet to come. With this in mind, I seek not only to elevate the mood of interior space through beautiful artwork but also to invite the viewer to connect to my artwork on a personal and intuitive level.


Elvira Jersky

spiritual consultant

owner / manager of enchanted angels

I opened Enchanted Angels in 2018, intending to inspire people through learning about crystals, the metaphysical and embracing our spirituality. Following a 27 year corporate career in property, mining and recruitment, I decided a change was necessary for my health and spiritual growth. After years of suffering from health issues and not being able to find solutions through the medical route, I sought alternative options. In 2003, I started studies in Reiki, then got my diploma in metaphysics and crystal healing in 2017, which helped me heal myself. In addition, I’ve also studied and completed Interior Design and Feng Shui diplomas.

My ambition is to bring joy, laughter and love to all that I meet and help humanity reach its full potential by discovering that we can all achieve our goals. We can do anything we choose. I believe we’re all the keepers of our destiny. We can all see the glass half full or half empty and change everything around us–we have the key to our inner world. I love to walk, exercise, meditate and connect to Divine Consciousness in my spare time.



Trinity James

Business Coach

Director at views professional development

Hi! I’m Trinity, an incredibly positive and energetic results coach passionate about YOUR happiness and success! Over the past decade, I’ve successfully coached professionals in various industries spanning allied health, finance, construction, photography, sales and retail products. 

I can inspire your ultimate vision for the future and create a clear pathway towards it. I support you to create a successful career and life that you love. Book in a time with me now, and together we’ll create clarity and transparency on your path to personal success!


alex terrey

Alexandra Terrey

Business and Leadership coach

CEO, Head Coach of The Mentoring Effect

“For things to change, you have to change. Before financial success can occur, personal growth must occur.”  

~ J. Rohn. 

I’m passionate about the transformation of human behaviour and thinking and its direct impact on our decisions, actions and business results. I work with leaders and business owners to improve their results, revenue and performance. I service small and large businesses by delivering business acceleration and leadership programs. By utilising NLP and critical thinking frameworks and techniques, I help people identify their goals, take aim and reach them!

With more than 19 years of entrepreneurial experience, I grew my businesses in various global markets: in Europe, Thailand, the Bahamas and now Australia. I’ve learned from the experience of leading teams in multiple countries and industries, and I’ve also directed my own teams. I believe personal development should be part of everyday life. It keeps you healthy, vital and developing your brain while you age.

Committed to the growth of the coaching industry, I’m a member of the Master’s Academy at The Coaching Institute and International Coach Guild (ICG), where I won an award for the ICG Rising Star 2020 and was a finalist for the ICG Coach of the year 2021.


Design and Marketing Professionals


Kyle Spyrides

content creator


As a Portrait Photographer, I’ve learned how to successfully connect, unlock and evoke the essence of each human being, allowing me access to their divinity. For a brief moment, a heartbeat, a flicker in time, the being reveals their soul to me. If everything aligns, I have the opportunity to capture that cosmic beauty through the lens, creating a photograph immune from ageing. A picture that is fit for any purpose required so you can captivate the viewer and draw them further into the energy field of what you do, who you are and what you’re creating. Diving further into this ability inspired me to reflect on the most powerful words that have influenced my life direction. Every creation, skill set, decision, impact and time that I dragged myself back from the depths of an early, untimely exit on this planet can be traced back to what my grandfather announced to me on a sunny summer’s day. I created a movement to guide young men out of potentially devastating life directions to a path where they become the authority over their life’s unfoldings–the direct result of embracing the philosophy my grandfather left with me, forever eternalising his legacy within my heart and soul. These three words, ‘Decide Your Destiny’, still ring true in my ears.


Micah Munyard

Digital Marketer

owner hyker marketing

I am passionate about bringing value to people and what better way to do so than by helping them grow their businesses! I started Hyker after years of marketing start-ups and SME’s in a software/development space. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my function as a marketer, my values were always conflicted as we charged above industry standard pricing for services that didn’t grow businesses in the long term. As such, Hyker’s mission is to help businesses and individuals reach their desired destination in the long run. In order to do this, we build long-standing relationships with the businesses that we service, guiding them and implementing marketing strategies that will help them grow. What I have discovered by doing business in this manner is that relationships are key. I must understand the people and businesses that I serve. I need to know what their goals and aspirations are. I need to understand the ebbs and flows of their business so I can adjust their marketing accordingly. Short-term minded people seek money, long term minded people seek relationships. I’d much prefer the latter.


Paul Faix



Paul is the founder and CEO of Fortix®, an award-winning technology company. Paul is also a diplomat, currently serving in the role of Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Western Australia. He has a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and Information Management, an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology, and a Diploma in Business Management. Paul established Fortix in 2004. Fortix empowers many local and national businesses with highly personalised business management systems. Manufacturing & distribution, professional services and insurance businesses all use Fortix’s innovative, fast and secure business management platform to seamlessly manage their business growth. Fortix is the only technology company that provides a full end to end business automation located in Perth, WA. For more information about Fortix, visit Dedication to Fortix clients and constantly striving to improve the technology has earned Fortix and Paul a number of awards over the years, for example, The Technology Award at the 2016 Belmont Small Business Awards, and 2014 and 2015 Nifnex Influential 100 Awards. Paul is an active member of numerous boards and advisory groups. He is passionate to achieve progress in all areas of business and social life. In 2015 Paul set up a sporting event, that was dedicated to raising money and awareness for children’s cancer in Western Australia. Working closely with Volleyball Western Australia the campaign attracted many of Perth’s businesses and raised over $10,000 for children’s charities.

1300 426 311

Hospitality Professionals

Max Bertotto


Owner / manager of festive feasts

I’ve worked in different industries, but food is my absolute passion. I have over fifteen years of experience working in various commercial kitchens, including hotels, restaurants and cafes. I thoroughly enjoy being creative with menu planning including professional experience in places like the Broadwater Resort & Spa in Dunsborough and Café Steyne in Manly Beach.

I created Festive Feasts to allow me to work closely with clients to develop tailor-made menus for any occasion. The best part is you can enjoy these feasts from the comfort of your own home! I’m also offering private lessons where you have the option to book one-on-one tuition or grab some friends and make a night of it… Learn to cook like a pro, then enjoy the meal after all your hard work.

Whatever the occasion, tell me your ideas and I’ll put them on a plate!

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