Secure Asset-Backed Loans for BTC and ETH

Unlock the Value of Your Crypto Assets While Keeping Them Safe

Empowering Crypto Investors with Transparent and Reliable Financing Options

Safe but boring BTC and ETH loans. We provide AUD in exchange for holding your asset as collateral. We’re a fully licenced Australian entity based in Pyrmont, Sydney and hold a Digital Currency Exchange licence (DCE) as well as an Australian Credit licence (ACL). 

We built this business with the core principles of bitcoin in mind, “Don’t Trust, Verify”. We’ve been testing with on-chain lending since 2022 and came to a conclusion at the end of last year, it’s not good enough. Major issues like contract risk, interest rate spikes,  commingling of funds, rehypothecation, and overall poor user experience made us realise that we needed to build a simple way to access the value of assets like BTC and ETH without selling. 
We’ve built a simple loan product that allows customers to independently view their assets being held as collateral at any time to verify that they are safe. 

How it works is pretty simple:

  1. You sign up and deposit what ever collateral you wish to use as security.
  2. We issue loan docs and verify your deposit.
  3. Once loan docs is received, we settle same day into your bank account.
How we fund the loans is via private debt through our investors and guarantee a certain return to them, not to dissimilar to a term deposit. We use this cash to fund loans to our customers and our profits are generated from the net interest margin (NIM), pretty simple.

While other products might promise lower rates or somehow generate a return, we looked at these in details and our consensus was that it’s not worth the risk. Australia is becoming an increasingly more expensive place to live and many of us has turned to investing into crypto as a vehicle to get ahead. We wanted to allow people to hold assets for the long-term while giving them the flexibility to access their value when the need arises, while being able to get a good night’s rest knowing your assets are safe.
Last year we issued 4m AUD worth of loans in our testing phase and after launching our new model in mid-January we issued almost 3m AUD in our first month alone. Which has been more than we expected but shows us that the product works and there is a real need for something simple like this in the world of crypto.

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