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Our diversely skilled team help you navigate the exciting cryptocurrency space with personalised tutoring tailored to your needs and skill level.

If you need information on investing, staking, wallets or anything crypto then book your free 30 minute phone call with one of our consultants.

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Crypto Onboarding Consultants

Brandon Bartlett



CEO of Orange Brick Road

Hi, my name is Brandon, and I’m the manager and CEO of Orange Brick Road. I’ve been in crypto since early 2017 and have learned a lot along the way, making plenty of mistakes! About three years ago, I started teaching friends and family how to play in the crypto market. Once they began to see the results, word spread quickly, and teaching became my full-time job.

I started Orange Brick Road to help guide people into this volatile market by providing personalised, step-by-step service. “Click here, click there.” I walk you through instructions and give guidance to help and support your learning journey. I’ve worked with everyone from the very new “noob” in crypto to experienced traders, from grandparents to teenagers. If you need guidance on onboarding into the space, staking your coins, working out wallets, or anything crypto, give me a call or book a free 30-minute consultation.



Harlan Mullins




I started my cryptocurrency journey back in 2014 with a close friend of mine. We were, and still are, very interested in libertarian/anarchist philosophy as it resonated with us and our values the most. We delved deep into exploring the many facets of this philosophy: the non-aggression principle, Austrian economics; sound money; freedom; individual sovereignty, and more. As a result of this exploration, we learned about Bitcoin and how it’s empowered individuals to step into an improved financial system. We bought equipment and began running Bitcoin miners. Since then, we’ve continued to explore the cryptocurrency space through education, contributing funds, staking, trading, loaning, and mining.

I aim to get you securely and safely navigating the cryptocurrency space using industry best practices. Since I only accept payment in crypto, I have a healthy incentive to get you proficient!

Jordan Strolla

Jordan Strolla


Crypto Tutor


I am enthusiastic and experienced in crypto, continually expanding my knowledge, and always happy to help and teach others.

I have a great deal of experience using one of Australia’s largest crypto exchanges (Swyftx) and previous experience trading stocks using the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

I’ve had many previous jobs ranging from Personal Trainer at Goodlife Health Clubs to Nightfill Manager at Coles. These experiences have allowed me to improve upon my skills and will enable me to communicate better and provide the best service to you!

My interests include fitness, sport, TV shows & movies, and games & comics, so I’m sure we will have plenty to talk about!


Rodger Pilkington


Crypto Tutor


“My goal is to have you not need me anymore.”  values independence, so will guide you at whatever pace you feel comfortable knowing what you are doing at each step.

I have years of experience teaching a range of topics, such as how to reverse a trailer, how to draw objects reliably, and how to find a date. I’m a calm and patient teacher with many happy clients.

I’m known for jumping into new things feet-first (after thoroughly checking for wind speed, water currents, sharp rocks, deadly critters, and temperature). I investigate topics beyond what any reasonable person would do to avoid that tiny detail that causes a problem.

Like driving a car, it is essential to make sure your cryptocurrency vehicle is safe to use and maintained adequately before starting it up. We all love the romance of a Ferrari, but we all want the reliability and safety of a Toyota. My “safety first” philosophy will reduce the chances of catastrophe. Save time and headaches. 

I can also walk you through the process of setting up entities, such as Trading Corporations or Self Managed Super Funds.


Debbie Chung


Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg (1)

Crypto tutor

Hi, I’m Debbie and have been working in the banking industry for quite a while now. I discovered the cryptocurrency space in 2016, however. Since then, it has become one of my passions as I realised the potential of the crypto markets. I spent a lot of time on various centralised exchanges and other cryptocurrency platforms, learning technical analysis of cryptocurrency and foreign currency pairs.

One of my other passions is wanting to assist and educate people in realising the potential in the crypto space. Cryptocurrency as a topic can be tough to understand as it’s very different from standard traditional banking. I’d be happy to break things down from A-Z step-by-step, with easy-to-understand lessons.

I speak four languages; Malay, Chinese, Cantonese, and English.


Sarven Segala



Crypto Tutor


My partner first spoke to me about Bitcoin in 2014. Back then, I didn’t pay much attention to this “magic money of the internet,” but lucky for me, she got involved regardless! Through her, I slowly absorbed information and ended up learning all about cryptocurrencies. Lately, my interest and curiosity have deepened as cryptocurrency’s impact and revolution on the financial world becomes more apparent. 

A big idea that struck me was the possibility of breaking up with the bank. I have been a FIFO worker for many years, and now due to life-changing conditions, I have had the time to explore and dedicate myself to new avenues in life. As a father, I find the possibility that crypto adds to my financial life, now and in the future, promising, excellent, and exciting. I can help you, step-by-step, enter the world of cryptocurrencies. 

I am a bilingual Italian/English speaker.

Crypto Security and Passive Income Specialists


Peter Green



I’ve been catering and am still working FIFO on oil rigs. I started my first business when I was 21 and still own a business today. I learned the power of investing early in my life and have been investing in the property market for 20 years. I saw the power of cryptocurrency years ago. I completed a course in crypto, backed up with a very experienced private tutor (as crypto can be very unforgiving to inexperienced players). After trading large amounts of different cryptocurrencies for a long time, I’ve consolidated most of my crypto holdings and specialise in HEX, PULSECHAIN, and PULSEX.

Leo Treasure


Computer & Crypto Security / Tezos


I have had a great passion for tech since a young age. I discovered Bitcoin shortly after its release. I started mining Bitcoin when it was possible to do it at home and told everybody I knew to buy it.

I’m working on an innovative blockchain that focuses on decentralisation, smart contracts & governance as a network validator – Money Every 3 Days. It generates a consistent return and services nearly 1,000 clients.

I can help you set up a secure hardware wallet (Trezor or Ledger) for your crypto & has general computer and crypto security tips that will further safeguard your funds.

Crypto Consultants

Abheeti Kathryn Pass


Director & COO of tecstack

With degrees in anthropology, linguistics and teaching, Abheeti Kathryn Pass has a background in cryptocurrency, education from early childhood to university level, public speaking, podcasting, sales, entrepreneurialism, marketing and media and natural health products. Abheeti is now the COO of TecStack.io providing boutique corporate and industry professional and certified blockchain training, as well as being Director of Communications for The Miner Network. She previously was co-creator of the Crypto Clothesline Podcast, and one half of Where To Shop With Crypto.

Sophie Amat


Owner / Manager of crypto-sense.com


Sophie is a professional cryptocurrency coach / fundamental analyst and consultant who is passionate about educating everyday people how to safely and effectively participate in the cryptocurrency markets. She has been coaching in the crypto space since 2016.

Sophie brings to clients not only specialist niche knowledge about the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain projects she reviews in-depth, she also brings honed analytical skills, knowledge and action frameworks gained from a successful 20+ years career in the traditional banking and finance sector where she held administrative, project management and strategic roles.


Tax and Accounting Professionals


Heidi Jamieson


Owner / Manager of Ready Books Plus

Ready Books Plus offers Bookkeeping and Business Management Services.  Being a registered BAS Agent means I can also provide BAS Services.  I can offer ongoing support or just assist annually with EOFY. I can prepare your tax pack, creating summarised reports and collating all required information into one file, for your Tax Accountant to quickly and easily review and lodge your tax return.  Using specific crypto tax software we can link all of your crypto info in one place to create complete reports. If you are considering crypto loans I can guide you through the various crypto lending platforms, what is available and how they work. I started my career in bookkeeping over 20 years ago, progressing through various accounting roles to my most recent position as Financial Controller in the automotive industry. Gaining experience in various industries over the years has allowed me to learn industry specific accounting practices. From my Corporate experience and my experience working with Tax Accountants I understand what is required to ensure you are prepared to meet your EOFY obligations.



Aaron D'Vauz

Tax Consultant

Director – A J D’Vauz Chartered Accountant

Aaron D’Vauz (B.Com, CA, FTI) is a Chartered Accountant and Tax agent who runs a firm based in South Perth. Making a natural progression within the Cryptocurrency space and subsequently being invited to speak at Perth’s first Crypto conference held at the Perth convention centre, has built a profile of being able to interpret various crypto related activity in simple tax terms for clients. Being able to educate clients on their tax affairs to assist in decision making is something that he values incredibly highly. Services include advising on investment structures, tax planning and strategies, ATO requirements and many more. Whilst also being able to have a chat about anything sport, music, pop culture or whatever is trending – makes for an accountant relationship that you want to you actually look forward to!