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Secure Custody - Protect Your Digital Assets

Redefining Custody: Beyond Safekeeping

In the dynamic realm of digital assets, secure custody is paramount. We prioritise your financial well-being and make it our mission to understand that your wealth signifies more than figures and algorithms. Our commitment to your wealth journey with us is to forge firmly rooted partnerships in trust and guidance.
Custody is more than storage; it’s the fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering security. Our philosophy centres on safeguarding your assets, nurturing growth, and paving the way for a secure digital future.

Tokenized Assets

Unlock a new way to build your wealth.
Asset tokenization is the process of creating digital versions of real-world assets. Powered by blockchain technology, tokenization allows for fractional ownership of assets. In doing so, it’s democratizing wealth for everyone. Unlock investment opportunities that were only once reserved for the financial elite.

Alternative and Digital Assets

Alternative assets are the new generation of investment opportunities like crypto, digital assets, and tokenized assets. This exciting asset class can offer, better returns, more diversified portfolios, and higher liquidity than traditional assets such as property or stocks. Alternative assets are the future of a diverse portfolio. The alternative asset market is expected to grow to $17 trillion by 2025. There’s no doubt this new asset class is a compelling way for everyday people the – 99% – to take control of their financial future. As with all things ‘new’, ’emerging’, or ‘alternative’, awareness and education are critical. We provide everyday people and financial advisers with the support, resources, and knowledge needed to unlock the potential of alternative assets.

Make the Most of Your SMSF

Build a truly diverse portfolio, and take control of your financial future

The investment landscape is changing and the meaning of a diverse portfolio is changing with it. In these economically uncertain times, traditional assets simply are not performing as they used to. Where once the classic 60/40 Shares, Property / Bonds and Cash split was considered a diverse portfolio – today, that’s no longer the case. To be truly diversified, a portfolio should include assets that are untied to the performance of the traditional markets.

You can use your Self-Managed Super Fund to diversify into the world of digital assets like crypto and tokenised precious metals.

So you can build a truly diverse portfolio, and take control of your financial future…

with the recommended Wealth by Design Digital Wealth Platform.