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How Stormrake Can Help You: Crypto Brokerage to Unlock Your Financial Success 

Choosing Stormrake as your personal crypto broker means that you are no longer alone on your crypto journey and you no longer need to Buy – Sell – Trade crypto yourself because you have a crypto expert on your team navigating your crypto journey with you 7 days a week, 365 days a year that can execute your crypto investments for you.

You can trade on the go by emailing or calling your trusted broker and carry on with your day knowing that your broker is doing the buying, selling or trading for you. We have access to a wide range of digital assets minimising risks of having to use multiple platforms to execute your trading.

Stormrake also provides regular portfolio and holdings updates with insights and analytics that your broker will help you understand and navigate further action.

Meet the Stormrake Founders

Technical Director

Experience: 15+ years in technology, 6+ years in crypto

Industries:  Cryptocurrency, Telecommunications, Advertising, Financial Services, Manufacturing & E-commerce 

Companies: Sensis, Bell South/LM Berry, Trudon Digital, DEXOne and Yellow NZ, Startups

Expertise: Business Process / Process Improvement, Technology, Product & Operations

Commercial Director

Michael Milmeister Stormrake broker

Michael Milmeister

BCom BEco DipFM

Experience: 15+ years in finance,  6+ years in crypto

Industries: Crypto and FX, Equities, Commodities/Derivatives, 

Companies: Goldman Sachs, CBA and ANZ, and Vocus Group

Expertise: Hedging & Trading – Crypto, Energy and Equities, Financial Governance & Risk Management, Product design, Pricing, Team management and Project work

Meet Head of Sales & Brokerage

Bisher Khudeira

Crypto Trading Expert

Started out in FX & CFD trading back in 2012

Joined a Melbourne prop trading desk in 2015

Started trading crypto mainly BTC in 2016

Ran the sales and trading operation of the prop firm until 2019

Went to work in the crypto industry in 2020 as a broker

Returned to the FX industry to help launch a CFD brokerage in 2021

Currently running the sales & brokerage department for Stormrake

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Stormrake head of crypto brokerage - Bisher Khudeira