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OBR guided me through opening an account on an Exchange, setting up an on-line wallet and the addresses to transfer assets to and from.

The advice saved me a massive amount of time and was clean, simple and easy to follow. OBR helped me get into the market sooner and with a peace-of-mind that I would not have achieved alone. Thanks OBR!

Matt SmithMatt SmithCustomer

I have been interested in crypto for a few years now, however I have been reluctant to get into the crypto space because it was extremely daunting and seemed all too hard at the time. This all changed with OBR who has helped empower me to set up my own private wallet which was a key incentive for me. The other major incentive was the personal learning process that was offered which was extremely helpful. I feel that the advice given to me has set me up to be financially independent, making me the keeper of my own destiny and not having to rely on other modes of investing.

Elvira JerksyElvira JerksyCustomer

Hi Cryptoniacs.
My name is Michael. Just a short note to say thank you for the help that's been given by Orange Brick Road. Especially a shout out to Brandon. I knew very little about Crypto. Although I still have a lot to learn, it is fun even with the volatility we have had lately.
Cheers and good luck.

Michael WarnerMichael WarnerCustomer

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